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Writer Wednesdays – What’s Your Favorite Phone App?




Today’s Writer Wednesdays topic asks us to identify our favorite phone app. So I swiped through the 5 screens filled with icons and studied what was there. The first thing I figured out was that I needed to get rid of some apps I no longer use. After I finished that, I had one less screen of icons, so this was a good exercise for housekeeping purposes alone. But I still needed to choose a favorite.

So I went through the icons that had survived the first cut. Like Uber, which is essential when traveling, and the app that tracks airline flights so I know when my hubs, who travels all the time, will be home and when. Alexa, who I love to play Jeopardy with each day. Google, and Google Earth are great, and my Dictionary and Thesaurus are essential. My Hello Fresh app is awesome, it allows me to choose what food will show up at my door and when. I often use the flashlight, calculator, facebook, Twitter, and the compass app has come in handy when lost while driving a rental car. I debated keeping my altimeter app. But then I hit delete as I pondered why in the world I needed an app to tell me what the current altitude was in the first place?  

And then I saw it. The app that has made me smile every time I’ve used it. It’s my Smiths grocery store app. (Kroger to those a little further west and east of me) You see, when I first got married, my mother told me that women who work don’t need to be Superwomen. If I were smart, I’d divvy up the household chores right out of the gate.  Being the good daughter that I am, I listened to my mamma. (Thank God!)  So the hubs has always done the bulk of the grocery shopping.

Now this is a good and bad thing. Good because I don’t have to do it, and bad because I do most of the cooking. Therefore, I have to do a lot of meal planning in advance so I can put what I need on the grocery list. (Hence, why Hello Fresh might be my second favorite app. It does all the shopping/ planning for me)  But my hubs is pretty famous for overlooking things on the list and then  blaming the oversight on the old “You know you have crappy handwriting” or, “they were out of that” or “I couldn’t find truffle oil. Who needs that in the first place?”

But with the new Smith’s app, our phones are synched up. So I can add things  (Or simply scan barcodes, which is entirely slick and time saving) to the list and the app will tell my hubs which aisle the truffle oil lives on! And I can even add items I forgot to put on the list while he’s shopping. (Which is great because I am famous for calling him five minutes after he’s left with an item he can’t add to his list because he’s driving, and then it gets forgotten anyway. ) And here’s the best part….once he grabs the item, it gets deleted, so no more “overlooked” items. He knows he’s done when the list is empty.

 So while this might sound like a lame app to make my favorite, it has saved me many trips back to the store to find the elusive truffle oil.  And quite possibly has contributed to why I’m still married to the same man after 32 years of grocery shopping. 

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