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Writer Wednesdays: Show / tell what’s in your bag / purse



So this month my writer friends and I are telling or showing what’s in our bag or purse. This was a fortuitous topic because I really needed to clean mine out!  I found a Nutri Grain breakfast bar that has been there since I traveled to my romance writer’s meeting in San Diego last month. (Just a little flatter now) And I also found the name of a gun expert that I met and forgot I had. (Only writers would keep things like this for later use in a book.) I found some receipts for meals I can partially write off on my taxes, I always carry Wintergreen Altoids – the curiously strong mint, and of course my phone/wallet case.IMG_0092


I have never been able to keep the tissues in their little travel sized cellophane bag once the package is open. So they were scattered about the bottom of my purse.  WERE being the operative word because now they are in the trash and I have replaced them with a new unopened pack.  I also have 10 pens. Why I need 10, I’m not sure, but it’s inevitable the first one I grab won’t work, so I guess I have 9 backups at all times.  Best to be prepared.


I also carry a little case with fold-up glasses for my husband. He won’t carry reading glasses so it somehow became my job. I also have a business card holder, 9 lip glosses (One each to go with all those backup pens apparently), a nail file, and the most important item, an epi pen. Well, I actually realized the epi pen was missing and I tracked it down in another purse.  I’m allergic to garlic so the doc says I should carry this at all times.  So this blog post might have actually saved my life. :0)


Anything interesting in your bag/purse?


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