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Writer Wednesday: Tell Us Your Idea of A Romantic Date

Posted Feb 10 2016, 12:01 am



This Writer Wednesday discussion is about our idea of a romantic date (in honor of Valentine’s Day. ) The best date I had was one that lasted for just over two weeks last summer in honor of our 30th wedding anniversary.  My husband planned the whole “date.” We started out with the ultimate date food, In-N-Out burger in Dallas! (Because we don’t have an In-N-Out where we live and we’re so fancy that way) Then we hopped on a plane and spent a week in London. My hubs planned all the usual extremely fun London touristy stuff, but the highlight was a special trip to the Harry Potter Film Studios just outside of London! My husband knew how much of a fan I am, so he made sure that made the list.

Next we flew to Ireland for another incredible adventure. We went to Waterford Crystal,  toured a tin soldier factory, and enjoyed the beautiful Irish coasts, castles and pubs. We stayed in B&B’s and just had the best time. On the way home, we stopped in Boston to spend my birthday and the fourth of July. We went to an amazing restaurant, Legal Seafood, on my birthday, saw incredible historical sights, toured the harbor, and more, but that last night in Boston after we had been non-stop tourists, we took an evening and watched a baseball game at Fenway Park. While we sat back and enjoyed the most American thing we could do after running around Europe,  a beer and a hotdog, I looked at my husband and was so thankful I married a guy who got me. So we started humble and ended the same, with some fantastic things in the middle, but no matter where we go for our dates, they are always special if they are with him.


What’s your idea of a fun date?


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19 responses to “Writer Wednesday: Tell Us Your Idea of A Romantic Date”

  1. Sharon Wray says:

    Love this story, Tammy! My kids would love me forever if I took them to the Harry Potter studios in London. We’ve been to Universal Studios a few times and had the best time.
    My 30th anniversary is coming up. Maybe I’ll suggest it!

    • Sharon,

      It was funny because you hop onto a modern double decker bus, the outside wrapped in all that’s HP, so everyone knows where you are going. My hubs looked at all the people around us and whispered to me, “We’re the only ones without kids!” I told him it wouldn’t be that way when we got there, and I was right. And who was it who wanted to make the DVD where you get dressed up in Hogwarts gear and ride a broom with a green screen behind you? (Really cool DVD to take home with you zooming around just like in the movies) Well, it wasn’t me. Just saying’ :0)

  2. Wow, Tammy, what a fabulous trip! I’m right with you in thinking you bookended it in the most perfect ways– In n Out AND a baseball game?!?! Love it!

    Sounds like you and your hubby had the perfect trip and are enjoying a beautiful relationship! 🙂

    Happy Valentine’s Day to both of you!


    • I know we were in London just a few days before you were last year Pris. We went out to Wimbledon and could only go to the gift shop/ museum because they were preparing the grounds still. Boo!

      Hope you have a Happy Valentines’s Day too!

  3. Kay Hudson says:

    What a great trip, Tammy, and your hubs put it all together for you? Definitely a keeper!

  4. OOOOH! I love the burger and the trip to Europe!

  5. Wendy LaCapr says:

    Oh that sounds heavenly! London is my favorite place. Your husband sounds like a keeper 😉

  6. Hi Tammy

    I’m trying not to be jealous of your wonderful date. I had a husband who just couldn’t be bothered! I’m happy for you that you’re married to a wonderful man and it reminds me that there is romance still in the world. It’s one of those things that takes a relatively small amount of thought and effort but which pays huge dividends in terms of memories. Maybe one day somebody will take me to Ireland and buy me a hotdog.

  7. Karen says:

    Love your idea of a “date”. Sounds like he is definitely the perfect man for you.

    Your trip sounds fabulous and Boston is an amazing city. We stayed there on an extended weekend before sailing out heading for Bermuda. It was the last week of fall and the trees were so gorgeous.

    Jealous of the castles and Waterford factory–I’m a crystal fanatic.
    Happy Valentine’s Day.

  8. How could you be married that many years? You must’ve been a child bride, Tammy! What a fabulous trip!

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