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Writer Wednesday: Tell us about your pets, past / present



Hello All,


Today we’re talking about our pets, past or present. I had a hard time deciding if I should talk about my current dog or the three I had growing up who all had the same name. The past won.


I know having three dogs with the same name is odd, so a little backstory is probably in order.  We wanted a family dog but my father had allergies and we moved often because he was in the Navy. After much haranguing, my parents finally broke down and said we could have a dog if it was small, (for portability sake when moving) and if it didn’t shed. So that didn’t leave too many options. But my mother found out that poodles don’t shed, and they come in “toy” sizes, so voila, we had our pooch! It was a silver frosted toy poodle whose pedigree papers read, “Petite Frosted Phillipe,” or Frosty for short.  (And my allergic dad’s name is Phil, so my mom was being funny when she named the pooch “little frosted Phillip.”)


Frosty #1 was truly my mother’s dog. If we were sick in the night, we had to get past that mini guard dog to get to her. My asthmatic brother had the seat of his PJ pants torn out once by this adorable monster, and I still have a scar on my hand from his sharp teeth.  Unfortunately, while visiting my grandparents on the farm this little guy found his demise in ways too awful to disclose. My mom was pretty devastated, and while my brother, sisters, and I had a short mourning period, we then hoped we could get a “nice” dog after that.


Along came the next silver toy poodle, who because he was purebred (we were afraid to get a mutt because of the shedding requirement) looked a lot like the first one. We tried, we really did, to call the dog something else, but my youngest sister was just starting to talk at this point and apparently thought all dogs were called Frosty, so we figured we’d just go with it. By this time we’d moved again and no one would know we’d already had a dog named Frosty anyway. And before long, we never gave the name a second thought. Now Frosty #2 was the sweetest dog ever. He was my best buddy from third grade through high school graduation. Those first few weeks when we’d move somewhere new, Frosty was sometimes my only friend.  I loved him very much.


After Frosty #2 passed away peacefully to doggie heaven and my older brother and I were in college, our two much younger sisters begged my parents for another dog. (My dad used to go on 9 month cruises, so we have a few age gaps among my siblings that correspond accordingly ;0) My family was just determined to call this dog, who again, looked very much like the first two, a different name. We tried out a few, but none felt right. So my youngest sister suggested we let the dog decide. She had a plan to call out four names and see which the dog responded to. So you’ve already guessed which one the dog “picked.”  I accused the rest of my family of having serious lack of creativity issues, but alas, they won and the name stuck.


Frosty #3 practically imprinted onto me, and was actually sad when I’d leave. And then my younger sisters hit high school and became so busy that they had little time for the dog, so Frosty and I moved into our first apartment together. Eventually, I met my husband and that’s when things got a little rocky. Frosty couldn’t stand that I paid attention to anyone but him, so the dog used to go out of his way to annoy my husband. Frosty #3 would steal Mark’s things and either obliterate them or hide them outside. And worse, the dog would leave my hubs well aimed presents in the absolute worst places. (poodles are very clever little beasts when they want to be) Needless to say, in order to stay married, and keep the dog happy too, Frosty moved back to my parent’s home. After that my husband and I got a Golden Retriever puppy and we named him… Frosty.


Just kidding!  Our first dog’s name was Oscar, and the next dog came with the name of Lucky, and my current sweet old dog is named Beau.  I can safely say that I will never again have a dog named Frosty.  Much like an NFL Jersey, that name will be retired forever.  :0)




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