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Writer Wednesday- Most Embarrassing Moment

Posted Apr 13 2016, 12:18 am




Hi Everyone!

Today we are talking about our most embarrassing moments. There are so many to chose from, but in terms of writing, my critique group will never let me forget all the times I’ve written bugling (as in playing an instrument) for bulging muscles and the list goes on. You see, I can’t touch type.  I was a military brat and moved so often I somehow missed typing in school. So I have to look at my hands as I type, not the screen. My evil auto-correct obviously gets great joy out of changing my words up for the enjoyment of my crit partners. 

But the worst case of this was before I was published and was entering a writing contest.  The title of my manuscript was entered online as Rouge Angle. (Odd title, no?)  On the next entry page, I uploaded my manuscript and crossed fingers for a final. Well, a few days later the contest coordinator, who I HOPE has forgotten my name by now, wrote to me and pointed out that the title written in the header of my manuscript was different from the entry sheet and which did I want to go with.

Huh? I went back and checked and was MORTIFIED to realize that my ms, Rogue Angel, had been entered as Rouge Angle! Not one word wrong in the title, but two!

* Hand slap to the forehead.

The good news is, that I won the Golden Pen contest with that book! So at least I got cake, a certificate, and a pen at the reception at RWA that summer, but I’m pretty sure some of the smirky smiles on a few faces were those in the know!

Sadly, these pesky typos are still happening. I’m very grateful for my critique partners (even if they tease me relentlessly about this) and for my copyeditors! LOL

Check out what embarrassing moments some of my author friends have experienced:

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12 responses to “Writer Wednesday- Most Embarrassing Moment”

  1. Sharon Wray says:

    That is so funny, Tamra! I am always changing titles on things and have to be so careful not to make that same mistake. At least you won and now you have an editor to make sure those things don’t happen again. LOL!

  2. Carol Post says:

    That’s hilarious, Tamra! I bet “Rouge Angle” had some people really scratching their heads!

  3. Kay Hudson says:

    Let’s see, Rouge Angle–the story of a ruthless cosmetics executive who tries to corner the market over the objections of her super sexy CFO. You could write that book, Tammy.

  4. Goodness, Tamra, if I tried to remember all the words I’ve misspelled– both in part due to my mistake and in part due to autocorrect thinking it knows more than me (okay, it does)….

    Had to laugh at your title gaffe and Kay’s story blurb based on the new title. 🙂 You had the last laugh though with a win in the contest!!!

    If a misspelled title brings home a win, I say keep it up! 😀


    • Alas, sadly that story will always live a solitary life on my hard drive, Pris. But it was good practice at title picking. It taught me to never title a book with words that are easy for my dyslexic fingers to mangle! 🙂

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