#1 Amazon Bestselling author in Contemporary Romance

The Great Escape By Susan Elizabeth Phillips


Sorry for the delay between reviews, but the mom was in LA winning something called a Golden Heart and she took all the reading devices with her. I  don’t know what that whole Golden Heart thing was all about, but not much has changed around here. She’s outside picking up my poop as usual right now.

But I’m in the dog house again, so I have to make this quick. I feel like that baby on those trading commercials who sneaks an iPad into his crib when he gets in trouble for riding the dog. That kid deserved his punishment, riding dogs is bad, but me, I just made an awesome escape.  It’s what dogs are supposed to do, right?

So when I saw the title of this book, The Great Escape, on the Kindle I drooled to get a look. It wasn’t the book of tips I was looking for, but it was still a great story. The heroine, Lucy, once an orphan who later became the daughter of the former president of the United States, is about to marry the coolest, ‘Best In Show’ kind of guy there is, Ted. But when the thought of tying the knot to Mr. Perfect starts to feel like a noose around Lucy’s collar, she bolts.

With few options, she catches a ride with a tough, motorcycle guy named Panda who makes the pit bull who lives down the street from us look like a sweet golden retriever.  But if you’ve read any of SEP’s books before, you’d know everything wasn’t what it appeared to be on the surface. Miz Phillips has a way of taking those pound mongrels and making them show quality pooches by the end of the story.  This book was no exception.

Add in a deliciously flawed cast of new found friends and some familiar characters from some of SEP’s earlier books, and you have a fun, well drawn out tale of a woman finding her true self, and a man with a troubled past who can’t seem to give himself the break he deserves.

At first, the only flaw I saw in this book was the lack of a dog, but then, at about 80% (because the Kindle doesn’t have page numbers) an excellent canine named Martin showed up and made me smile. (Martin is named after Martin Luther King. Me? My name is short for the Green Bay Packer’s Lambeau field in Wisconsin. GO! PACK! GO!  Panda? I’m still scratching about where that name came from. If I missed it in the book, you’ll have to let me know. Maybe I’ll get lucky and SEP will see this and let me in on that secret!

The Great Escape gets a five out of five paw rating!