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Live and Let Love by Gina Robinson


The mom has been hogging all the electronics around here, but she stepped out for a minute, so I’ll make this quick. I’m putting an iPad on my Christmas list, but I’m not holding my sweet doggie breath. (Well, my breath will probably be sweet by then because the only thing I ever get in my stocking is biscuits to clean my teeth. Think they’re trying to tell me something? ) 

Today I’m reviewing a book called Live and Let Love by Gina Robinson. It comes out on December 24th, the perfect gift for you crazy humans who shop at the last minute.  It’s a good book, especially because it has a cute dog named Spookie in it. (Spookie’s hot stuff and lives in a house with a candy store attached. It doesn’t get much sweeter than that!)

So, anyway, the hero is a spy named Jack who was in a nasty explosion and everyone, including his wife, Willow, thinks he’s dead. He needs to let everyone keep thinking that so he can fulfill his mission.

When a bad guy befriends Willow, Jack needs to protect her without blowing his cover. Because his face was badly disfigured in his accident, he has a new and improved one and he poses as a distant Italian cousin of Willow’s neighbor. He knows he’ll have to dig deep to stay detached, but he can’t help but enjoy his wife’s company again—even if only for a short while until he can take the bad guy out.

Now I’ll bet you’re thinking what I was thinking. Jack could probably fool a mere human, but never a dog, right? Well, Spookie may get the best treats ever, but she doesn’t have an iPad with the ‘dog to english’ app to borrow like I do, so she can’t alert Willow that it’s really her old alpha-human disguised as an Italian male model, so the charade ensues.

But Willow is one of those smart breeds, and she can’t help but wonder why this new guy reminds her so much of Jack, so she starts her own investigation. She’ll have to snoop into his background, trip him up, but if that doesn’t work, she’ll use her secret weapon–she’ll seduce him. Then she’ll know for sure. But Jack is a crafty spy, so she has her work cut out for her.

This book is part of the Agent-Ex series and has all the intrigue, explosions, and near death thrills as the other books, along with the usual heartwarming humor, romance and fun. It’s ten times better than my favorite slobbery tennis ball.  Enjoy!

It gets 5 out of 5 paws! 

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