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Fourth Grave Beneath My Feet

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This is the latest book in the woof-a-lishish series by Darynda Jones. It doesn’t come out until October 30th, but I got a sneak peek. Miss Jones said she’d only let me read this early on one condition. I had to promise to contain my excitement the next time I see her because the peeing on her was getting old.  Humans can be so picky that way. Sheesh.

So this story starts out with Charley, on a two month sabbatical from crime solving while her heart and her injuries heal, on her couch, surrounded by every small appliance sold on the home shopping station.  When Charley’s BFF, Cookie, intervenes and takes away Charley’s plastic, the reaper gets off her butt and back to the business of solving everyone else’s problems but her own.

While helping a woman convinced someone is trying to kill her, stopping an arsonist, and doing her best to stay mad at that sexy Reyes, Charley’s being chased by demons so big and bad the powers that be sent a guardian Rottweiler named Artemis to protect her. (She’s one good looking babe by the way.  I like my females big, and tough and sometimes sweet. Artemis, that is, but Charley’s probably good looking to her own kind too.)

The other usual cast of fun characters make an appearance, including that biker guy, Donovan, who Charley says makes her girly parts all tingly. Speaking of quaking parts, finally, for the first time in the flesh, a little bit of 50 shades of fun happens, but without the accessories. Because really, it’s Reyes, he’s the alpha dog, no other toys required.

These books are so good I can’t help but drool over them. I wonder what I’ll have to promise to get a sneak peek at Miz Jones’ next book?

Fourth Grave Beneath My Feet gets :

Five out of Five Paws!!



16 responses to “Fourth Grave Beneath My Feet”

  1. No fair!!!! How can I wait until October to read this?!?
    You’re definitely a sneaky dog, Beau. My hats off to you! Do you think if I brought you a T-bone steak, you’d be willing to give me a few hours with that book?
    Great review! You should tell the parents to give you a little something extra.

  2. Thank you, Beau!!! Clearly you have wonderful taste in books. hehehe

    Love you! ~D~

  3. Kat Crissman says:

    I love Beau’s review. Delightful. And the best part, I now know what to look forward to! Can’t wait to read about the quaking parts. =)

  4. Barrett says:

    Nice job, Beau. Your person has excellent taste in books and I’m glad she’s shielding you from some of the more…shall we just say, “tawdry tales”? You stick with Darynda’s books, you’ll be okay.
    Say do you ever do guest blogs?

    ps I think, DJ can be bribed, just sayin’

  5. Biddy Stoner says:

    Hey Beau
    My people Mom is outside right now trying to find the shoe I hid in the weeds under the propane tank. So, does this reviewing gig pay very well? I’m always looking for some way to keep myself in bling

    • BeauBaumann says:

      Hi Biddy,

      Sadly, it’s a dog’s world out there and I’m just bloggin’ to keep a doghouse over my head and my bowl of water filled. And like you, I find the best way to keep myself in bling is to steal it, hide it and wait until they quit looking for it. Hang in there, that shoe will be yours for keeps in a week!

  6. Just watch out for those ebooks, Beau – they don’t take kindly to drool!

  7. BeauBaumann says:

    That’s true, jeffe, but this book is so good, I just couldn’t help it. (That’s what I’m telling the mom when she notices, anyway)

  8. Robin Perini says:

    Ooooo Beau,

    You’ve made me pant in anticipation for the next Grave book. And you, my dear canine are the cat’s meow! LOL

    Love the blog…don’t let your humans get away with just giving you dog treats. That review is worth a rib-eye!


    • BeauBaumann says:

      I’m printing this out now, Robin. Then I’ll venture into the forbidden zone to leave your fine suggestion of a rib-eye on the mom’s pillow.

  9. Fun review, Beau! I’m always looking for a woof-alicious read.

  10. BeauBaumann says:

    Thanks, Gina! Susan Elizabeth Phillps’s latest book will be next. So far, I’m drooling over that one too!

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