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Fourth Grave Beneath My Feet

This is the latest book in the woof-a-lishish series by Darynda Jones. It doesn’t come out until October 30th, but I got a sneak peek. Miss Jones said she’d only let me read this early on one condition. I had to promise to contain my excitement the next time I see her because the peeing on her was getting old.  Humans can be so picky that way. Sheesh.

So this story starts out with Charley, on a two month sabbatical from crime solving while her heart and her injuries heal, on her couch, surrounded by every small appliance sold on the home shopping station.  When Charley’s BFF, Cookie, intervenes and takes away Charley’s plastic, the reaper gets off her butt and back to the business of solving everyone else’s problems but her own.

While helping a woman convinced someone is trying to kill her, stopping an arsonist, and doing her best to stay mad at that sexy Reyes, Charley’s being chased by demons so big and bad the powers that be sent a guardian Rottweiler named Artemis to protect her. (She’s one good looking babe by the way.  I like my females big, and tough and sometimes sweet. Artemis, that is, but Charley’s probably good looking to her own kind too.)

The other usual cast of fun characters make an appearance, including that biker guy, Donovan, who Charley says makes her girly parts all tingly. Speaking of quaking parts, finally, for the first time in the flesh, a little bit of 50 shades of fun happens, but without the accessories. Because really, it’s Reyes, he’s the alpha dog, no other toys required.

These books are so good I can’t help but drool over them. I wonder what I’ll have to promise to get a sneak peek at Miz Jones’ next book?

Fourth Grave Beneath My Feet gets :

Five out of Five Paws!!